Tulsa Nimrod Annual Awards Contest

The 31st Nimrod Awards
The Katherine Anne Porter Prize for Fiction &
The Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry

Founded by Ruth G. Hardman

First Place: $2,000, publication, and a trip to Tulsa for the Awards Celebration



Contest Rules

Contest Begins: JANUARY 1, 2009

Postmark Deadline: APRIL 30, 2009

Poetry: 3-10 pages of poetry (one long poem or several short poems).

Fiction: 7,500 words maximum.

No previously published works or works accepted for publication elsewhere. Author's name must not appear on the manuscript. Include a cover sheet containing major title and subtitles, author's name, full address, phone & email. "Contest Entry" should be clearly indicated on both the outer envelope and the cover sheet. Manuscripts will not be returned. Nimrod retains the right to publish any submission. Include SASE for results only. If no SASE is sent, no contest results will be sent; however, the results will be posted on Nimrod’s Web site. Submitters must have a U.S. address by October of 2008 to enter the contest. Winners will also be brought to Tulsa for the Awards Ceremony in October.

Entry/Subscription Fee: $20 includes both entry fee & a one-year subscription (two issues). Each entry must each be accompanied by a $20 fee. Make checks payable to:


Literary Contest--Fiction or Poetry

The University of Tulsa, 800 S. Tucker Dr.

Tulsa, OK 74104


Nimrod Literary Awards 2008

The editors of Nimrod International Journal are delighted to announce the winners, honorable mentions, and finalists of the 30th Nimrod Literary Awards.

Nimrod Literary Awards: The Pablo Neruda Prize in Poetry

FIRST PRIZE: $2,000 Elyse Fenton, TX, “Clamor” and other poems

SECOND PRIZE: $1,000 Jude Nutter, MN, “Via Negativa” and other poems

HONORABLE MENTION: Andrea Thorsen, MO, “Monograph” and other poems

Nimrod Literary Awards: The Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Fiction

FIRST PRIZE: $2,000 Paul Mihas, NC, “This Is Not a Barren Place”

SECOND PRIZE: $1,000 Stephanie Soileau, CA, “The Camera Obscura”

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Anne de Marcken, WA, “Signs and Symbols”

Heather Jacobs, KY, “Semipalatinsk”
Miroslav Penkov, AR, “Letter”

Richard Santos, DC, “Charles and Irma”

Nimrod extends deep appreciation to all who submitted. There were 691 poetry manuscripts and 588 short stories submitted to the 2008 competition. Selecting poetry finalists and fiction finalists from these was a task that dominated the lives of 42 Nimrod editors all spring. They approached their mission with dedication and discretion, reading and rereading the final group, comparing notes, and speaking for favorites. The finalists’ manuscripts, without cover letters or names, were sent to the judges for 2008, Mark Doty, poetry, and Anthony Doerr, fiction. They chose the winners and honorable mentions from the finalist group.

The 2009 Nimrod Literary Awards competition begins January 1, 2009; the postmark deadline is April 30, 2009. We welcome your submissions, knowing that each year brings new discoveries, often from those who have submitted to the competition before.

Finalists Poetry 2008 (listed in order of number they received at check-in)

123, Susan Landgraf, WA, “Finding Light”

125, Joshua Wood, CA, “Nature’s Own” and other poems

138, Jude Nutter, MN, “Via Negativa” and other poems

166, Lenore Weiss, CA, “Tkhine in Sh’vat” and other poems

173, Patrick Moran, WI, “Hobo Poems”

177, Roseann Lloyd, MN, “April, Baby” and other poems

215, Mary Kay Rummel, MN, from “Like Blue Loves a Wing”

219, Daniel Becker, VA, “Bulkheads” and other poems

256, Jeff Simpson, OK, “Shrapnel” and other poems

259, Elyse Fenton, TX, “Clamor” and other poems

274, Andrea Thorsen, MO, “Monograph” and other poems

339, Steven Coughlin, MA, “The New Physics” and other poems

353, Kate Fetherston, VT, “Take Bitter for Sweet” and other poems

426, Angela Patten, VT, “Elements”

428, Glenn C. Shaheen, TX, “All the Evil in the Animal Kingdom” and other poems

473, Elizabeth L. Fogle, PA, “The Nazi Officer’s Wife” and other poems

498, Han-hua Chang, NY, “What is the Spirit of Thermopylae in the Modern Age?”

607, Myrna Amelia Mesa, FL, “The Closed Mouth Fish” and other poems

638, Chad Sweeney, CA, “The Osprey” and other poems

651, Kelly Michels, NC, “What the Owl Knows” and other poems

Semi-Finalists Poetry 2008

006, Sally Allen McNall, CA, “After a flood”

051, Gail Peck, NC, “The Visionary” and other poems

057, Susan Berlin, MA, “Black Plumage, Croaking Cry,” and other poems

069, Terry Hertzler, CA, “365 and a Wakeup” and other poems

077, Taylor Mali, NY, “The Entire Act of Sorrow” and other poems

115, Scot Siegel, OR, “The Day Father’s Shop Burned to the Ground”

120, Michael Campagnoli, ME, “Penobscot Voices: Kikukus”

126, Marjory Stone, HI, “Joy of Flight” and other poems

129, Jessica Harmon, MA, “I Am I”

139, Jessicca Daigle, TX, “Inheritance”

141, Cheryl Dumesnil, CA, “In Praise of Falling”

142, Rosalind Pace, MA, “Snow in Paghman, with Wolves” and other poems

146, William Orem, MA, “five crucifixions”

148, Judith Barrington, OR, “Lost Lands”

149, Geri Radacsi, CT, “Greening the Blast Zone” and other poems

151, Erinn Batykefer, PA, “Snowmelt” and other poems

152, Mary Minock, MI, “Seventy-Eight Mostly Glossy Pictures” and other poems

163, Mary Van Denend, OR, “Carol at Eighty-Five” and other poems

169, Jim Tilley, NY, “Half-Finished Bridge” and other poems

174, Laurie Junkins, NJ, “Spilled” and other poems

176, Rhett Iseman Trull, NC, “Rescuing Princess Zelda”

189, Michelle Bitting, CA, “They Are Kissing, in a Pub, Under One” and other poems

233, Lori Stoltz, MN, “root beggars”

237, Carolyn Moore, OR, “Memento Mori Poems”

241, Jabez W. Churchill, “Orchid/Orquidea” and other poems

242, Patricia Clark, MI, “Splinter”

245, Rich Spencer, IN, “Hymns for Sailors” and other poems

249, Sarah Getty, MA, “As The Observer Wills” and other poems

252, Simon Peter Eggertsen, NY, “The Steep Path” and other poems

261, Ellen Wise, MD, “Snow Geese” and other poems

253, Katie Kingston, CO, “Bonilla’s Portrait” and other poems

264, Justina Boyd Wiggins, PA, “The Seventh Daughter” and other poems

281, Lynne Knight, CA, “The Dread Essay”

289, Meena Alexander, NY, “Flesh Rose”

336, Penelope Scambly Schott, OR, “Poor Dear” and other poems

338, Marilyn Ringer, CA, “Dea Abscondita”

340, Greg McBride, MD, “Music Lady” and other poems

375, Christian Teresi, VA, “What Monsters You Make of Them” and other poems

400, Robert High Guard, OH, “The Wife of Narcissus” and other poems

470, Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren, OR, “Superstition” and other poems

482, Tyler Moore, TN, “The Puerta America” and other poems

488, Karen Chamberlin, CO, “My Father’s Vise” and other poems

538, Kirsten Casey, CA, “The First Piece of Everything Else”

604, Douglas Goetsch, NY, “Nameless Boy” and other poems

622, Nan Becker, NJ, “At Last It Snows” and other poems

641, Fox DeMoisey, CA, “The Second Third” and other poems

645, Shane Omar, CO, “San Luis, CO” and other poems

652, Teresa J. Scollon, MI, “The Invitation”

653, V. L. Schwab, FL, “Rooms Like These”

655, Christine E. Black, VA, “Prayer for Andrea Yates” and other poems

656, Mark Wagenaar, VA, “Lamentation” and other poems

659, Christina Woś Donnelly, NY, “Love Song” and other poems

667, Elin Beck, MN, “For Nonny” and other poems

678, Jane Ellen Ibur, MO, “Mrs. Noah — 3:27” and other poems

Finalists Fiction 2008 (listed in order of number they received at check-in)

150, Jessica Pitchford, FL, “The Pinch Hitter”

188, Stephanie Soileau, CA, “The Camera Obscura”

302, Benjamin Arda Doty, MN, “Velvet Wolves”

357, Heather Brittian Bergstrom, CA, “All Sorts of Hunger”

394, Heather Jacobs, KY, “Semipalatinsk”
472, Anne de Marcken, WA, “Signs and Symbols”

476, Miroslav Penkov, AR, “Letter”

548, Paul Mihas, NC, “This Is Not a Barren Place”

551, Rachel Hall, NY, “What Is Forgotten”

552, Richard Santos, DC, “Charles and Irma”

588, Teresa Milbrodt, OH, “The Shell”

Semi-Finalists Fiction 2008

084, Melissa Pritchard, AZ, “Pelagia”

140, Catherine Griffiths, NY, “Amplification”

266, Amalia Gladhart, OR, “Stones, Buoys”

286, Jill Widner, WA, “The Guest House at Old Camp”

305, Matt Mendez, AZ, “Twitching Heart”

325, John T. Biggs, OK, “Revival”

346, Joan King, FL, “Christmas Song”

400, K. D. Wentworth, OK, “The Snow Queen”

485, Leslie Pietrzyk, VA, “Just Another Abortion Story”

505, Leni Fleming, CA, “Signs and Symptoms”

522, Eleanor Swanson, CO, “Lucia on Fire”


NIMROD International Journal of Poetry & Prose, University of Tulsa

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